There are two possible explanations for how you may have come across Tiwin. It could have been some years back when she was the youngest DJ at a local radio station at just 17 years of age. 

The second option is more probable. It’s likely that you came across her on social media through her own comedy series, Winnie on Wednesday, which, with some feisty humour and clever editing, has made its viral rounds.

“When the videos went viral, I got the shock of my life! It resonated with a lot of people from even as far as the United States. I’m still always surprised whenever any of my videos go viral but I like that people are able to relate to these videos and laugh about it,” she says.

Behind the scenes of comic relief, Tiwin says that she is driven by her natural curiosity to observe and understand both people and situations. Now, she wants to extend this to radio.

“After doing my Winnie on Wednesday videos, becoming a DJ felt like a natural extension and progression of that”

Tiwin cites inspirational DJs at BBC Radio 1 such as Tim Westwood and Trevor Nelson, both of whom she listened to extensively when she was growing up in London in the 90s. 

“I learnt from them that being a DJ is as much about bringing my musical preferences to the table as it is about bringing my personality,” she says.

As she revisits DJing at Progresif Radio, Tiwin hopes to bring what she’s always brought through her comedy series: laughter and thoughtful conversations.

Get your dose of real talk from Tiwin on Mondays to Thursdays, from 4pm to 7pm.