Before things like Netflix came about, Livie used to fill her nights listening to radio, calling into live shows and recording songs from the radio onto cassette tapes.

“I wanted to gain an understanding of how flow and genres worked in music and then be able to share it to my fellow Bruneians”

Just as the world of cassette tapes have evolved into online streaming, Livie has moved from being on the outskirts of radio to a DJ with six years of experience along with the knowledge and passion of music in genres from pop to indie and house music.

 She credits her growth as a DJ to Jenny and Tina, both of whom are accomplished DJs in the local radio industry. “Much of what I learned about flow was from them and that has helped me develop into the DJ that I am today,” she said.

After clocking in a lot of hours on air, Livie has seen her fair share of music talents in Brunei and wants to tell everyone about it. “We live in such a beautiful community of talented musicians and singers so it would be exciting to have them on Progresif Radio,” she says.

As an avid traveller and scuba diver, Livie says that she is always up for an adventure to discover new things. If she’s not doing radio or travelling, then you’d mostly likely find her at the local crossfit outlet GETFIT CrossFit.

Catch Livie Mondays to Thursdays from 6am to 10am.