Hum has been in radio for a long time, which is hard to believe, given that it came by chance. Before he was plying his trade in the DJ booths, Hum loved mimicking accents of different personalities.

When Hum was still studying in Australia, his dad (a radio DJ at the time) called him and asked him to mimic one of the radio personalities of British radio station Capital FM. 

Hum says he heard other people laughing in the background over the phone and asked his dad who they were. It turns out those listeners were senior executives from a radio station, and Hum was immediately hired as a DJ after his studies. That’s also where he met his partner-in-crime, Jenny.

Together, they’ve established themselves as Brunei’s most renowned DJs (and we’re so glad to have them on our team).

“I think that having my dad as a radio presenter also helped with the early exposure. He was instrumental in helping me learn more about radio and the craft involved.” 

Being an active radio presenter meant that Hum had to stay on his toes on the progress of radio. He thought about a paradigm shift; listeners would pick their own shows instead of hearing whatever that was playing. 

“It’s quite striking how accessible radio is these days. You could practically listen to a radio station from a different continent if you wanted to. It also made me realise that there’s still so much more to learn about the industry… and being with Progresif Radio gives me the best opportunity for it,” he says.

If you happen to see him doing non-radio things, then he could be in a Liverpool FC jersey (he is a passionate supporter of The Reds), or cycling. Or both. 

To find out when you can hear Hum and his signature bellowing laughter over the Progresif Radio airwaves, check out our programme schedule.