How to listen

Progresif Radio is an internet radio station, so you won’t find us on any terrestrial AM/FM frequency. You can listen to Progresif Radio by downloading our awesome app!
The app is available in the App Store for iPhones, and the Google Play Store for Android phones. Search for Progresif Radio, then download and install the app. It’s that easy! Alternatively, head to www.progresifradio.com for the download links.
You can listen to Progresif Radio’s livestream at www.progresifradio.com but you won’t be able to listen to our On Demand channels, which are packed with playlists and podcasts, so be sure to download the app too!
All our content is streamed online so you’ll only be able to listen to it with an internet connection.
You will still have access to our content, wherever you are in the world – so long as you have an internet connection, of course!

Subscription and data

Sure you can! The app is available to Progresif and non-Progresif users.
The Progresif Radio app is absolutely free to download. However, data charges apply when listening to the app using your mobile phone connection.
There are no subscription fees to listen to Progresif Radio, however, we may, at a later date, introduce premium content that will require payment for access.
The Progresif Radio app uses roughly 0.31MB of data per minute.

Using the app

When you switch on the app, it will take you directly to the On Air page. Simply press the play button located at the centre of the row of tabs at the bottom of the page.
Sure, you can send us your message through the Discussions feature on the app, which you will know is activated when you see the speech bubble icon on the top right-hand corner of the app.
You can find it within the On Demand library, under “Streaming”. You can access a range of radio stations from around the world through Progresif Radio.
Unfortunately, we can’t playback from where you left off, but we hope to incorporate this in a later phase. For now, if you pause a show and play it after, it will restart to the beginning.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a scrubber that you can drag to a specific time during the show or playlist, but when we do, we’ll alert you to update the app.
Currently, we do not have a search function, but you can scroll through the relevant category in order to find what you are looking for.
When you switch on alerts, you will be notified, by SMS or email, when the songs you voted for are about to be played. After all the effort you made voting for your favourite songs, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on hearing them!
Open Mic allows you to send a 10-second voice note to Progresif Radio, which may then be played on our livestream radio! So whether you’re after a song request, or you just want to share a few kind words, don’t be shy – share your voice with us! Your Open Mic audio clips and song requests will be played during the “Open Mic” sessions on our live stream.
You can review your audio clip before you send it to us, and delete it if you don’t like it. However, once it’s sent to us, you won’t be able to delete it anymore.
You can request a song by sending us a voice message using the Open Mic function on the app, and the song will then be played on the “Open Mic” sessions on our live stream. Or you can call us on 8338000, or send us a message via the app’s Discussions feature during a live show.
Badges are levels of achievement in your usage of the Progresif Radio app that can get you great prizes from Progresif and our friends. For example, when you vote for a song, you will unlock a badge. When you use Open Mic, you will earn a badge. We regularly update and introduce new badges, so keep a look out!
Progresif puts out regular challenges where you can win prizes for unlocking badges, so follow Progresif on Facebook or Instagram to keep tabs on what exciting challenges and prizes are up for grabs!


Please check out our programme schedule to see the times when DJs are hosting live shows.
You can call 8338000 to chat to our DJs live on air, so be sure to tune in to our live shows to listen out for when we’ll be taking calls!
Visit www.progresifradio.com for all the information you need on our live shows and our On Demand content.
When you turn on the app, there is a row of tabs at the bottom of the page. You’ll find the On Demand tab located 2nd from the right. Tap on the tab and it will take you to the On Demand library, where you can browse through live shows that you missed, music playlists, interviews, podcasts and radio stations around the region.
Highlights of our live shows will be available in our On Demand library under “Catch Up Radio” for one week after it was aired.
In our On Demand library, you’ll find a channel called Locals Only, where you can listen to Progresif’s first compilation album of new and original music by local artists and bands. Over time, we will be expanding the channel to include more music by locals, and more Progresif-produced albums.
Simply send us your music by emailing us at radio@progresif.com, together with your contact details and album art.